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Origami and Design
In recent years, origami – or the techniques of folding – have become an important vocabulary for contemporary designers as diverse as fashion designers and architects.  Anyone who reads design magazines and visits design blogs on a regular basis cannot have failed to see many products, both handmade and manufactured, that feature the techniques of folding.  Origami/folding is without doubt one of the coolest and creative of all contemporary design trends.
Paul Jackson has been running folding workshops and projects for students and professionals since 1983, first in the UK and since 2000 in Shenkar College, in Ramat Gan, where he has run more than 50 semester-long folding projects in almost every department.  He has also made workshops in companies as diverse as Nike, Siemens and Tetra Pak.  
His bestselling book ´Folding Techniques for Designers´ (2011) Link has become the seminal text on folding in the context of design.
 Folding Techniques for Designers
´Folding Techniques for Designers´ is the first paper folding book written specifically for designers.  It is based on the author´s 30-year experience teaching folding to students of design in more than 50 Universities around the world and also teaching many professionals.  The book quickly acquired the status of a standard text and became a best seller, available in 11 languages.  The book contains a CD of all the folding patterns.  A ´must have´ for any student or professional designer!
Structural Packaging
The author explains in slow and simple steps how to create the strongest possible one-piece, self-locking net, for any one-piece solid.  The primary application for this method is in package design, because it enables the designer to create packaging of any shape.  However, the method is also relevant to anyone with an interest in 3-D geometry, industrial design and pattern cutting.  The drawings in the book are available online.
Promotional Novelties
For 35 years, the author has been collecting amazing cut-and-fold novelties made from paper or card that instantly collapse or erect, that turn inside out, that move, that rotate, look impossible to make or are simply very, very strange!  This book presents more than 30 of the best, all of which, with a little surface printing, can be used as personal publicity.  Make yourself stand out and be remembered with these great ideas!  The drawings in the book are available online.
Pop-ups for Designers
The book presents many simple, easy-to make but unusual ideas for pop-ups made from one sheet of card, which leave plenty of blank space for the addition of surface graphics (text, photographs and illustrations).  Thus, they are not the traditional ´white´ pop-ups with hundreds of intricate cuts, but pop-ups which can present your 2-D printing in the third dimension.  The drawings in the book are available online. 

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