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Origami began as a traditional Japanese art, but over the years it has become the art of dealing with mathematicians, educators, biologists and other scientists ...
This section will try to expand and expose you to the interesting diversity of this new world!
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Articles about the Origamtriah program in English:
Teaching Origamtriah: from the book OSME4
Teaching Origamtriah according to Van Halo /imgs/site/ntext/12-Golan.pdf 
´Between the Folds´ | Vanessa Gold
The documentary ´Between the Folds´ won numerous awards Documentary Film Festivals. The film presents the world of Origami from all angles and there is no better way to share such in-depth knowledge of the intricate and fascinating world of Origami.

"Filmmaking at its most wondrous. Between the Folds is breathtaking." . . . 
"A riveting feast for the eye and mind" . . . "Mesmerizingly beautiful" . . . "Exhilarating" . . .


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