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Teaching geometry using the Art of Origami
Origametria is a program that teaches students geometry through the art of Origami. Through that process of folding origami models, students can investigating the properties of geometry.
The program allows students to study geometry via a significant and more experienced method of learning.
The topic of the lesson is determined in accordance with the student´s curriculum in geometry.
Each lesson the students make a new model.
The program is taught in a number of ways:
The program has been taught as a development plan for study skills since 1992 and as a geometry teaching program since 2000. 
Origametria uses special methods for teaching geometry through Origami, which makes the program a successful one that arouses interest in schools.
The program has been taught for many years by different teachers in schools in various populations and yet, every year the program is changing and evolving. 
Benefits of Origametria:
The students are much more engaged the lesson and thus are more likely to adopt a more professional attitude towards geometry.
Folds make it possible to study the subjects in geometry.
The topics covered are in accordance with the curriculum for geometry of the Ministry of Education.
The lesson plan is selected according to the subject in geometry and not according to the origami model.
During the lesson, the paper undergoes a transformation from one form to another, so that students learn to identify the shapes even when they are not in a standard form.
Each lesson students make different a model.
A mathematical consultant of the program: Johnny Overman
Developers of the program: Paul Jackson and Miri Golan 

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